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Cyber Umbrella and I are dedicated to protecting American Businesses against cyber risks.

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About Us

Cyber Umbrella is a Non Profit Organization on a Mission to Help Protect American Businesses

Our goal is to bring awareness and keep your IT department up to speed. Get the second opinion. You may not be as secure as you think.

Who We Are

Cyber Umbrella, is a division of Love Vision Inc a non-profit organization that has a mission to provide as many American businesses with a penetration test to inform you if you are vulnerable and or, if there is anything your IT department has missed. There could be a sleeper agent just sitting on your server hidden going undetected.

Our Mission

Our goal is to bring awareness that you may not be as secure as you think. We all know that cyber-attacks are on the rise. Perhaps you have the greatest IT department. We believe that there is more going on behind the scenes then we are detecting. For peace of mind and the benefit of all of your vendors, employees, and customers get this free penetration test grant and a comprehensive report .

It's become an Absolute Necessity

Why Penetration Test for Your Business?

A cyber security Pen test helps you identify any weaknesses or vulnerabilities in your systems, networks, and processes. By understanding these vulnerabilities, you can take proactive measures to address them and protect your business from potential cyber threats.

Identify vulnerabilities

Mitigate risks

Protect sensitive data

Compliance requirements

Enhance customer trust

Our Partner Solutions

We are partnered with third party Cybersecurity firms and Pen testing companies to provide your business with Grants to run Pen Testing at no cost to you. That's right. No cost to you. All you have to do is fill out the form at the bottom to request a free Pen Test.

  • Penetration Testing

  • Mitigation Plan

  • Cyber Risk Assessment

  • Compliance as a Service

  • vCSO Services

  • Ransomware Protection

  • Incident Response

  • Compliance and Controls

  • Application Whitelisting

  • Ransomware Warranty

What the experts are saying

“As the digital landscape expands, so does the realm of cyber threats. A cyber security expert is your compass, guiding you through the complexities of online risks and ensuring a safe journey in the virtual wilderness.”

Casey O Connor

Cyber Support Consultant

“In the world of technology, the only constant is change, and with change comes new cyber threats. A cyber security expert is your ally in this ever-shifting landscape, adapting strategies to keep your defenses strong..”

Robert J. Darling

Lt. Col. (Ret.), United States Marine Corps.

“Cyber Umbrella was formed as a modern day Paul Revere. We are reaching out to businesses across America yelling. “The cyber attack is coming, the cyber attack is coming!” Every business should get tested.”

Michael Benson

CEO at Cyber Umbrella

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You can get a free cyber risk assessment from one of our partners. Use the form to request a Free Penetration Test

Cyber Umbrella & Our Mission

Frequently Asked Questions

What is penetration testing, and why is it important for my organization?

Penetration testing is a proactive approach to identifying and addressing security vulnerabilities in your systems. It helps simulate real-world attacks, allowing you to strengthen your defenses and protect sensitive data.

How often should my organization conduct penetration tests?

The frequency of penetration tests depends on factors like your industry, regulatory requirements, and changes to your IT infrastructure. Typically, it’s advisable to conduct tests annually or after significant system changes.

What does ransomware protection entail, and how can it safeguard our organization?

Ransomware protection involves implementing measures to prevent, detect, and respond to ransomware attacks. This includes robust backup strategies, employee training, endpoint protection, and incident response planning.

Why is application whitelisting important for our security strategy?

Application whitelisting allows organizations to control which applications can run on their systems, preventing unauthorized and potentially malicious software from executing. It adds an extra layer of defense against various cyber threats.

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